Putting Faces to the Names

Below are the folks who will be personally handlng your artwork, servicing your account and answering any questions you may have.

  • Wendy Colson
    Wendy Colson - Vice President

    A printers child and bleeds ink. With a Marketing degree and a degree from the School of Hard Knocks, Wendy has seen it all but continues to learn everyday in this changing industry.

    Questions? Contact Wendy directly via email

  • Mike White
    Mike White - Art Consultant

    Has been in the printing business for 30 years and has prepress and production knowledge from Flexo Printing to Lithographic Presses and Epson Digital Printers for Art Reproduction.

    Questions? Contact Mike directly via email

  • Scott Lane
    Scott Lane - Art Reproduction

    A 28 year employee with over 37 years experience in the art/graphics/printing field. Scott will be performing your scans, digital captures and color/image corrections.

    Questions? Contact Scott directly via email