Customer Service

At Colson Art Printing customer service is of vital importance to the success of your reproductions. From the first call discussing your particular needs to the final call notifying you when your prints are ready to ship, art customer we'll be keeping you aware and up to date on the progress of your work. We feel this is the least we can do, since you have given our company the honor of reproducing your artwork.

Scanning/ Digital Capture / Proofing

Once we receive your grid layout and original art, we begin the digital capture process. This phase of the printing process is the most critical to matching your original.

While most moderately-sized artwork, color transparencies and photographs are straightforward scans, larger work has always presented more of a challenge to scan. Colson Art Printing's digital studio allows scanning of large original artwork, as well as product photography. In addition, this advanced method of digital capture assures more accurate color reproduction, while maintaining all the subtle tones of the original. These advancements in accuracy will also reduce production time. Whenever possible, please send us your originals. With your orginal artwork in hand we know how the final prints should look. Even if the originals are non-flexible or oversize, we still want to have them.

After the digital capture is made, we'll make a color proof. Color proofing will provide you with the best representation of what your finished print should look like. The process of showing you proofs is rather simple. After we have adjusted the color and prepared your proof to strict quality standards, we'll package the original and the proof and overnight them to you for your approval. This is not a trial and error process. At this point we have gone through many preliminary proofs to give you the best reproduction possible. Our approach is, if it's not right, it will not be sent.
Please send us your originals. If we have your originals, then we know what the final prints should look like. Even if the originals are non-flexible or oversize, we still want to have them.

Now, you can rest! Once the color proof has been approved, you can rest knowing that what you see is what you'll get. Now, it's up to our printing craftsmen to match the proof.

Soft Proofing via the web

A proofing method gaining popularity in the printing industry is "soft proofing" via the internet and email. Software exists which allows fast and easy conversion of a layout file -- complete with fonts and graphic images -- digital proof to a format which can be transferred via email and viewed on the recipient's computer monitor. The converted file, tagged as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file, requires additional software for viewing. The viewing software, known as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®, is available for free download through Adobe's website.

This popular method of proofing is now offered by Colson Art Printing, and allows you to view, and in many cases, print copies of the various elements of your print run such as layouts for brochures, booklets and other items. Aside from a small amount of time involved, this proofing method requires little or no material and may allow corrections to be taken care of before more costly proofs are produced.


At Colson Art Printing we are devoted to creating masterpieces everyday with our Heidelberg printing presses. From our Heidelberg GTO to our 5 color, 40" Speedmaster, Heidelbergs are the Rolls Royces of the printing industry and are world-renowned for their quality and dependability.

However, the press is only as good as the craftsmanship and artistry of the pressman who operates it. Our pressmen are seasoned veterans who take pride in making your reproduction the best that it can be. We encourage you to meet our pressmen and, if possible, be present while your work is on the press. This is a great time for us to get to know you and learn more about your work.

Direct Mail Marketing

By using state-of-the-art software, we prepare your mailing in accordance with the latest U.S. Postal Service requirements, which allows us to pass deep postage discounts directly to you.

The Value of In-House Mailing

  • Rely on a fast turnaround — most mail projects can be mailed in one or two days after printing and finishing.
  • Eliminate the cost of having your printing shipped to you.
  • Remove the hassle of coordinating third party mail houses and get first hand information and reports of you data and mailings list.
  • Take advantage of the lowest postage rates - Plus - Colson's USPS know-how will help you stay on top of the latest news and information that could impact your mailing!

Mailing Services Include

  • Processing for a single mailing list file. Multiple file processing and data management available.
  • CASS/DPV certification to standardize addresses and add Zip+4. IMB certified.
  • Presorting and USPS documentation for maximum postal discounting.
  • NCOA processing.
  • Inkjet setup and addressing.
  • On-site USPS verification and delivery to the Post Office.
  • Inserting multiple pieces in envelopes up to 9 x 12.
  • Variable Data projects using state of the art digital presses.

Interested in a mailing estimate? Check out our online store or call us anytime. We are here to help from the first proof to delivering your job to the Post Office!

Sending Your Digital Files

Send your digital files to Colson Art Printing via FTP if you would like to avoid the time and delay of sending disks. Once received we can begin the process of completing your request. To access this service go here.