Limited and Open Edition Prints

limited edition art and open edition artAt Colson Art Printing we produce beautiful prints from oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, scratch board, photography and virtually any other medium. Limited and open edition prints can be reproduced in the format and size you choose, from 25 x 39.5 to 2 x 2! At Colson Art Printing we know that reproducing your art faithfully is of utmost importance to you. That's how we've been successful in the art printing business. We take great pains to send you proofs that closely match the original and then, duplicate the approved proofs on the press. So, if you're a veteran artist who likes to be at the press or a first-time print buyer, you can depend on Colson Art Printing for reproducing your limited and open edition prints.

Giclée Reproductions

giclee printerIn addition to offset printing services, Colson Art Printing offers Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") reproductions from your original art, color transparency or high resolution digital file. This popular method of digital printing provides several options for artists and publishers including "on demand printing", the ability to print on heavier materials such as watercolor paper and canvas, and a larger sheet size for increased image area. Scanning and digital capture methods are the same as those for offset printing, and a full size color proof is provided for review before the prints are made.


fine art posterWhen it comes to the printing of posters, we use the same care and quality techniques as we do on limited and open edition prints. Generally, the only differences are paper and graphic expression. Some of our high volume customers print posters on 100 lb. coated text, which is lighter weight and costs less. Others print smaller quantities on the same paper as limited and open edition prints. Whatever paper you choose, your work will always receive the same care and attention regardless of the paper. At Colson Art Printing we are experts at graphic enhancement of posters. Whether adding a fifth color, gold metallic border or creating screentints of the process colors for type and graphics, we can do it with the help of your ideas and our skilled craftsmen.

Postal and Greeting Cards

fine art postcardPostcards and greeting cards are an excellent way to announce a new series of work or a gallery opening. When you're trying to sell originals or prints, they enable buyers and galleries to see how your work looks in print. For those of you who make a living selling or producing postcards and greeting cards, we are well-equipped to handle large orders with special packaging requirements. Give us a call for your preference of paper and quantity.

Reference Sheets

art sheetReference sheets are probably the most important element to your marketing program. They are very effective in enhancing your product recognition and showing your potential customers a small version of your work. At Colson Art Printing we produce reference sheets in two ways. First, we print them along with the limited or open edition print run in the unused spaces. This gives you excellent value, and also, prints the reference sheet on the same paper as your prints. Secondly, we produce reference sheets on lightweight 80 lb. gloss premium paper by themselves. Whatever your choice, you can be sure your reference sheet receives the utmost care in production because we know that it can be the key to selling your main prints or originals.

Brochures and Catalogs

art brochureFor the artist or publisher who needs more than just a few images on a sheet, we offer complete graphic and bindery services for single and multipage brochures and catalogs. Being a printer of art, we know what it takes to capture images and reproduce them on paper. So, whether your need is an 11 x 17 folded brochure or a 64-page saddle stitched catalog, we're ready to help.