After the job is printed and inspected, it enters our finishing department. At this phase your work is trimmed to your exacting specifications. Our cutter operators are highly skilled in the handling of art, and every precaution is taken to ensure that your reproductions are handled with extreme care and that the sizes you ordered are correct from sheet to sheet. Our first class paper cutters are computerized and fully programmable to ensure every cut is accurate.


art shippingNo matter how perfect the printing, if the job is not packaged well, all our work is to no avail. At Colson Art Printing we take packaging seriously. First, we count every print electronically to let you know exactly how many prints you are getting in each package. The packages are labeled with the quantity and then, shrink wrapped for protection. After shrink wrapping, your prints are placed in padded boxes and taped securely.


art packagingAt Colson Art Printing we can ship your reproductions by whichever method you desire, but we prefer to ship by truck lines on a banded pallet. This is by far the most reliable method of shipment. Using this method, the entire shipment is placed in the center of the pallet where nothing can touch the boxes, and then the entire pallet is wrapped in plastic film to protect it from the elements.
When you receive your prints using this method, your prints will look like they just came off the press. Although truck shipment is by far the best method of shipment, we understand that some locations are not accessible to an 18-wheeler truck, and UPS shipments are necessary. This is no problem, and we will guarantee the shipment until it reaches your door.