2015 Colson Art Printing Fine Art Calendar

Our 2015 Fine Art Calendar has been completed. View it online or download a PDF version here – 2015ColArtCal.pdf.


A special thank you to all of our artists who agreed to participate:

  • Cover/Back Cover – Vicki Ferguson
  • January – Darlene McBride
  • February – Aaron Reed
  • March – Phillip Philbeck
  • April – Sterling Everett
  • May – Randy McGovern
  • June – Lucelle Raad
  • July – Ron Woods
  • August – Jeanie Maddox
  • September – John Shaw
  • October – Ken Keeley
  • November – Mort Künstler
  • December – Ida Victoria Gustavson

Colson Art Achieves GRACoL® G7 Certification

Colson Art Printing has gained GRACoL® G7 certification.
To gain this approval, our presses and systems were rigorously inspected using G7 methodology which enables industry-standard color management and ensures shared appearance between proofs, and press prints.

This process uses a sophisticated color measurement device that verifies curves and deltaE numbers and make sure that they are hitting inside of acceptable GRACoL® tolerance, thus closing the loop of factors that determine visual appearance.
So no matter which press runs your piece, if you’ve approved a proof, you can rest assured that you will be equally happy with the final printed product no matter which machine produces it.

What is GRACoL?

GRACoL® helps print buyers, designers, and specifiers work more effectively with print suppliers. It has become the standard reference and educational medium on the modern lithographic process. It is a tool-kit of standards, tips, and answers to common problems. GRACoL® helps promote better communication between print buyers and print suppliers and helps avoid disappointment in expectations.
G7 is advanced and maintained by the IDEAlliance Print Properties and Colorimetrics Working Group.

What does “G7” mean?

The name G7 was derived from “G” for gray balance and the 7 ISO colors, CMYK/RGB.


Our Epson 11880’s Are In

The addition of our new Epson 11880’s is complete and we are very pleased with the results.

Not only do these new inkjet printers offer more refined detail, they also increase our printing width to 60 inches and offer a substantial increase in speed.